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Claude Poudrier is the founder and director of PEEC. His expertise in EE is recognized in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada and in other countries.

 He was the first Quebecer to receive the title "Bearer of Hope of Earth Day" in 2007 as well as being honored with the Phoenix Éducation.En Environment in 2002, he received the "Integrity Award" from St. Olaf College in Minnesota in the United States.

 He presented the PPEC elsewhere in Canada and in various countries including China, India, Chile, Israel, France and the United States. More recently, in 2010, he was invited by the Earthwatch Institute to participate in a research project in the Czech Republic. He is also a member of the Committee on the training of teachers in the pulpit speaking of Unesco in ESD. As director of PEEC, Mr. Poudrier coordinates services offered by trainers and associated sectors is responsible for adult education, college, university and the English sector. He holds a Master of Education, the object of his research is the Education Related to the Environment.
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2 units credited to students of secondary level who apply the PEEC

The PEEC is the only program certified by the
Ministry of Education of Quebec (MELS)
Since 2001 with more than
10 000 students, pupils and adults involved in Quebec, 26 day care centers, 174 schools, 17 school boards, college,university, University of third age.

Elsewhere in Canada : Ontario,
New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon,

Abroad : USA, Israel, Chile, India, China, France, Hungary.
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